Getting Started

Learn the basics of using Astronaut's API.


Astronaut's multi-format Q&A can be integrated with your product. Get familiar with our integration API below.

Create an Astronaut Account

To use our API, you will need an Astronaut developer account. You can register for a free Astronaut developer account here.

With this account, you will have access to your recruiter dashboard. You will be able to manage your jobs, questions, and candidates through this dashboard.

Get API Credentials

Once you register for a developer account, you will receive an email that contains your API key. If you can't find the email, please check your spam folder.


All of our APIs require a 65-character string API key to use. Please check the documentation of each endpoint to see how to authenticate.

Error Code

Our API will return an "ERROR" status when the request fails. If you get an error status, you can view the description of what caused the error in the "mesage" attribute of the API response.